Wednesday , October 27 2021

The Embassy

Welcome to the new website of the Embassy of the State of Libya in the Kingdom of Denmark, where hopefully you can find useful information about the Embassy’s activities and services.

The Libyan-Danish relations go back to the seventeenth century. The most prominent feature of this relationship in modern Libya is the support of the Kingdom of Denmark to the decision of accepting Libya as a member of the United Nations and recognize it as an independent State in January 1952, in addition to its supporting position to the Libyan people during their revolution on the 17th of February 2011 against 42 years of dictatorship.

 The mission of the Libyan Embassy in Copenhagen is to maintain and develop relations between Libya and Denmark for the benefit of the two countries, especially as there are many opportunities for cooperation to be utilised. Perhaps the similarity in the population size of both countries and Denmark’s pioneering experience in all fields makes it eligible to play a positive role in supporting Libya in building its institutions and developing its capabilities in all fields.

We thank you for visiting our site as much as we welcome your comments and suggestions to enrich and develop it further.